Green and Environmentally Friendly Milfoil And Invasive Species Removal

Northeast Diving Services is “Your Waterfront Experts” with Green and Environmentally Friendly processes to controlling and eliminating your invasive aquatic plant life. We have many pro-grams available to control, stabilize and ELIMINATE many types of lake weeds. Swimming Areas, Waterfront Views, Propeller and other Boating Issues- Bugs, Turtles, Fish & Snakes LOVE the stuff, unwanted smells, screams from the kids, sinking up to your knee-caps in black sludge.

Do we need to say more?

Since 2008, we have been cutting, pulling, suctioning, dredging, installing mats, diving, whatever it takes to keep our customers WEED FREE with their relaxing waterfront properties.

Are you the Do-It-Yourself Kind of Owner? Stop in at our Dive–n-Dock Showroom and you can purchase the equipment here to manage on your own.

Lake / Pond Weed Removal Inculdes, But Not Limited To:

We offer many solutions for all budgets. Annual programs start at $25 per foot (Eurasian Milfoil) and we will guarantee that your area will stay clear of weeds for the entire season from May to December, and into next year!

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